How Do Air Purifiers Work?

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Always we are looking for the best air purifier. But Do you Know How do air purifiers work? How do they Purify the air with the smallest Particle? How to air purifiers purify the air.

Today with this article we will know about air purifiers working criteria.

Air purifiers have filters according to the size of particles. The Filter Process of Air Purifiers When environmental air enters the Air purifier, then pollutants and small particles are captured by filters and the clean and pure air is pushed back out into the living area.

We can easily understand the filter process of Air Purifiers by the following figure-

How Do Air Purifiers Work?
Filter process of an air purifier

The above picture shows us that polluted air passes through multiple filter systems and we get pure air. Different filter system works for different Particles./

Types of Filter

There are 7 filter systems –
1. First of all Polluted air enters in Pre-Filter. It filters dust, hair, dust mites, pollen, etc.
after it, air enters in ESP Filter and it filters micro dust particles.
2. Now air comes into Activated Carbon Filter and it filters automobile emissions, cooking odor, tobacco smoke, etc.

3. The True Hepa Filter filters pollen, fine dust, molds, bacteria, and viruses.
4. And next Photo Catalytic Filter filters foul odors and gases.
5. Next UV Lamp and Negative Ions remove bacteria, viruses, fine, and foul odors.
After the filtration process, we get pure air./

Advanced Air Purification Technology

We know India's climate is unique its a mixture of all seasons like summer, winter, and rain. So, according to our climate, India is upgrading its technology. New advanced air purification technology purifies the air with the smallest airborne particles like pollen, animal hair, virus, etc. The air filters used in highly advanced technology are highly efficient and filter the air over 99.99%. We can see this technology in this picture.

How Do Air Purifiers Work? 1
Advanced Air Purification Technology

How to choose the Best Air Purifier

Since We know The Pollution Level is highly increasing day by day in whole over the world. It is becoming the most disastrous problem for people. Because of polluted air many breathing, health problems, and diseases are infecting people and children also. The child is born with many health issues. So now air purifiers became a necessity for our life for pure air and pure breathing.

After knowing the filter process of an air purifier Now, there is a big question “How to choose the best air purifier” which air purifier will be the best for us according to our environment?

Before choosing an air purifier you should keep some points in your mind and according to these points you should choose. and these points are-

  • Room Size: Room size is one of the most important things which can hamper your air purifier choice. There are many types of air purifiers according to the size of the room(small/large). If you are purchasing an air purifier for a small bedroom or office then a small-sized and less-capacity air purifier will be suitable. and if you're purchasing it for a living hall or big size area then you have to choose a big or large capacity air purifier that can cover the whole space.
  • Atmosphere: Another important point is your surrounding atmosphere. If you are living in a highly polluted area like any industrial area or you have a pet with big hair or fur then you have to use an air purifier with multiple filter systems. and if you are living in a hills or greenery area then a normal air purifier can be used.
  • Allergies: Today's allergy is the most common factor for purchasing and using an air purifier. There are many allergens and airborne particles and many bacteria in the air so before purchasing an air purifier ensure which kind and size of particles can be captured by an air purifier./
  • According to this point of view, The True Hepa Filter is best it filters all the dust, pollen, molds, and micro-size particles.

According to these all important factors, I will suggest some of the Best Air Purifiers.

True HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter

GermGuardian AC9200WCA makes use of double the traditional amount of True HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter, to double the filtration for as much as 99.97% or as small as 0.3 microns particles like family mud, pet dander, mold spores, and plant pollen.

The Activated granular carbon filter reduces odors from pets, smoking, and cooking together with dangerous VOCs emitted from quite a lot of family merchandise and chemical compounds.

UV-C Gentle filter – The newest GermGuardian UV-C gentle bulb kills germs without the usage of chemical compounds and produces no ozone or chemical sprays. It may possibly additionally kill airborne microorganisms, viruses, and mold spores. best air purifier

Coway Air Mega 150 Air Purifier

How Do Air Purifiers Work? 2
Coway Air Mega 150

This Air purifier has 3 stage filtration system. First is Pre-filter which is washable and filters dust, hair, dust mites, pollen, etc. second is the Urethane carbon filter filters smoke, odors, bacteria, etc. and the third is the Green anti-virus Hepa filter filters all types of viruses and after all three filtration system we get fresh air.

It has an air quality monitor. The monitor indicates air quality with 4 color LED lights. where blue color indicates good air quality. Green indicates moderate and yellow indicates Unhealthy air quality and Red indicates very unhealthy. according to these indications, you set the mode to run your air purifier.

Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20 56-Watt Air Purifier:

With an activated carbon filter and True Hepa filter, the Phillips AeraSense AC2887/20 air purifier has 2 stage filtration process. In HEPA filter it has two types of HEPA filters one, is protect HEPA filter and another is a micro HEPA filter.
This filtration system effectively filters fine and airborne particles as small as 20nm. and can remove 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Philips AeraSense AC2887/20 Air Purifier
Philips AeraSense AC2887/20 Air Purifier

Dyson Advanced Cool Formaldehyde Air Purifier:

Dyson purifier's advanced Hepa H13 purification system automatically detects and removes 99.99% of allergens and airborne particles and its solid formaldehyde sensor with an advanced unique catalytic filter continuously detects and destroys formaldehyde.

Dyson Air Purifier
Dyson Air Purifier

It comes with 350-degree oscillation and multiple purifier techniques which observe your surrounding air and give an uninterrupted stream of purified airflow.

Its Auto system automatically detects, reacts, and purifies then reports to your Dyson Link app. stay connected with wifi/remote control.
Its integrator sensors continuously analyze your environment's air, while our algorithm diagnoses pollutants at the micro level and displays live results on the LCD. Also displays overall AQI (updated every 12 sec)& 24-hour AQI graph on the screen.

Airspa With Device Tms 16 Hepa Air Purifier With Unique 7-Stage Filtration + Remote Control:

The Airspa TMS 16 air purifier purifies indoor air,
helping to keep it pollutant and microbe-free. with a 6-filtration system, it is equipped with all the necessary tools which are important to filter your air.
It has 6 stage filtration system. These filters are:
1. Pre Filter & Cold Catalyst Filter: It is useful for heavy particles like pet dander, human hair, etc. It is washable and it needs to wash in every 15 days. and the cold catalyst filter helps to remove formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and other harmful gases.
2. Activated Carbon Filter: This filter uses activated carbon to remove pollutant particles from the air through absorption. It needs to be washed in every 2 months.

  1. Anti-microbial Filter: This filter helps to trap harmful bacteria and allergen particles from the air. This filter needs to clean every 2 months.
  2. Hepa Filter: It is a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter. It traps a size of just 0.3 microns particles. For Best results, it needs to clean every 2 months and can be cleaned with a brush and vacuum cleaner.
    5. Ultraviolet light: It works independently from the other filters to neutralize microorganisms.
    6. Negative Ionizer: Using electricity, this ionizer discharges negative ions into the air. These ions continuously clean your room with dust particles, bacteria, and smoke.
How Do Air Purifiers Work? 3
Airspa Air Purifier

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